Central wholesaler Drive Tube Mill Greducer Mfy450 with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

MFYX series mill gearbox adopts three-stage reduction in the structure, the first stage adopts planetary gear transmission, the CZPT and third stage with MFY series mill gearbox structure.


MFY (X) series mill gearbox includes the main gearbox drive system and a slow drive; Diaphragm coupling and lubrication station system; Multi-channel temperature patrol transmitter and other auxiliary system.


The main gearbox is parallel axis of involute cylindrical gear transmission, adopts CZPT distribution and synchronous transmission gear train.


All gear reducer adopts CZPT d alloy carburizing steel manufacturing. Tooth surface carburizing and quenching, grinding, has the very high precision gear and load capacity. The diaphragm I shaft device effectively solve the mill with the host error between the coaxial degree, and has a good buffer, vibration isolation performance.


Model: MFY450

Input speed(rpm): 740(could be changed according to CZPT er)

Output speed(rpm): 14.5 (could be changed according to CZPT er)
Output CZPT (kW): 4500
Size(mm): MFY 6900×4000×3600

Lubricating oil flow(L): 630.

Weight(ton): 80