Cream near me shop made in China replacement parts in Quebec City Canada Homogenizer Mixer Petroleum Jelly Mixing Tank Cosmetic Mixing Machine Lotion Vacuum Mixer with top quality

Cream near me shop made in China  replacement parts  in Quebec City Canada Homogenizer Mixer Petroleum Jelly Mixing Tank Cosmetic Mixing Machine Lotion Vacuum Mixer with top quality

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Cream Homogenizer Mixer Petroleum Jelly Mixing Tank Beauty Mixing Equipment lotion vacuum mixer

Specialized Parameter

Product Main pot H2o pot Oil pot Main pot electrical power Hydraulic Technique Vacuum pump
electricity (KW)
Quantity(L) Wall scraping Homogenizer
RHJ-10L 10L .18 one.1 .75 .fifty five
RHJ-20L 20L fourteen 10 .75 one.5 .seventy five .seventy five
RHJ-50L 50L 35 twenty five 2.two 1.5 one.five
RHJ-100L 100L 70 fifty one.5 3 1.five one.five
RHJ-200L 200L 140 100 2.two four one.5 two.2
RHJ-300L 300L 210 150 three 5.five 1.five 2.two
RHJ-500L 500L 350 250 four 7.5 1.five two.two
RHJ-1000L 1000L 700 five hundred five.5 eleven two.2 3

What is generation of vacuum mixing machine?

Chemical vacuum mixing machine for the production of viscous emulsion, dispersion and suspension in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, meals and chemical industries. It truly is the most sophisticated homogenizing products layout from Europe and is especially suited for ma ept large batches of cream and emulsions with huge amount of powders.


Ideal for


What is manufacturing vacuum homogenizing machine created of?

Chemical vacuum emulsifying homogenizer mixer/Chemical equipment is typically created of primary homogenizing mixer, oil section mixer, h2o section mixer, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting technique, materials circulation technique, heating and cooling method, temperature management technique and electrical handle panel and so forth.


The main homogenizing mixer is composed of a vertical type inline high shear mixer mounted from the base of the manufacturing vessel, wall scraper and two fixed propellers with holes. The base homogenizer is composed of 1 3-layer toothed rotor and one two-layer toothed stator. An exterior circulation pipe comes alongside the tangent of rotor and connects to the best edge of the tank entire body.


The oil and drinking water period mixers have exactly the same development. There is a higher speed disperser mounted from the best of the protect which will help dissolve the substances. Some clients will omit the oil and h2o phase mixers and keep the primary homogenizing products only.


How does production vacuum homogenizing mixer work?

In the course of the mixing operation, the outer anchor agitator rotates clockwise slowly and gradually. With the attached Teflon blades, the materials are scraped off the mixing tank wall and transfer upwards so they won’t always adhere to the wall and burn off.


At the very same time the two fastened impellers preserve nevertheless and give the supplies a counterforce and generate the cream downward into the substantial velocity homogenizing and emulsifying zone. The product goes by way of the holes on the paddles and raises mixing effect.


Simply because of the two reverse forces by set impellers and wall scraper, the cream rolls in excess of the vessel from leading to bottom and again to prime frequently. When the cream is entirely mixed, the warmth from the jacket is quickly transferred to every single portion via the within wall.


The coronary heart of vacuum homogenizing gear is rotor stator homogenizer (or known as emulsifier) which is made up of a single three-layer toothed rotor and one particular two-layer toothed stator. The design and style is distinct from the homogenizer in RS series generation vacuum emulsification mixer and is a lot much better.


The rotor is immediately connected with homogenizing motor by flanges. The ABB or Siemens motor rotates at the speed of 3000rpm and drives the rotor to rotate at substantial speed making robust suction force.


The supplies go into the rotor from prime opening of the homogenizer and are cut, sheared, emulsified and homogenized by way of the shear hole in between the rotor and stator. Then they are accelerated to jet out by way of the pipeline together the tangent of the rotor. The product runs inside of the external circulation pipe and goes back again to mixing tank for the slow mixing or one more emulsification and homogenization.


The previously mentioned two varieties of sluggish and higher forces repeat and repeat. And the product circulates by way of the pipeline and is fully combined, dispersed, emulsified and homogenized.


Water ring sort vacuum pump (-.09Mpa) is potent to pull out the bubbles generated throughout mixing, dispersing and homogenizing. It also will help transfer the elements from the oil and h2o stage mixers to the main homogenizing equipment. The small amount perfumes are also sucked by vacuum to stay away from dust.


Oil hydraulic pump is employed to elevate the protect of principal homogenizing mixer. Safety products are outfitted to ensure that the mixing part won’t start when the include is lifted.


Important features of  production vacuum homogenizing equipment

  • Full approach of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, heating and cooling in a single unit
  • Wor ept capability from 5L to 10000L
  • Suited for cream and emulsion of 10,000~a hundred,000cps viscosity
  • Ideal particle dimensions of 2 micrometers and evenly dispersed
  • Exterior emulsifying and homogenizing by vertical variety inline homogenizer with pipes
  • Shorter batch time in contrast with RS series vacuum emulsifying mixer
  • Cooling system for ept seal inside the homogenizer for longer homogenizing time
  • The homogenizer also operates as a transfer pump for discharging completed solution
  • Contra mixing method of fixed impellers with holes and wall scraper
  • Outer anchor agitator has pipe layout for increased mixing and excellent look
  • Variable velocity for homogenizer and agitator
  • Oil hydraulic lifting technique for simple cleansing and upkeep
  • Double jackets for heating and cooling
  • Different jacket patterns obtainable for steam and electrical heating
  • Double temperature probes and controllers for electrical heating in major vacuum homogenizing machine
  • Vacuum system to consider out the air bubbles throughout mixing and to transfer the components
  • Compressed air to support discharge finished cream
  • A number of basic safety safety products for vacuum, hydraulic pump and employees
  • All speak to elements are made of SS316L and mirror polished
  • Spray ball is geared up to connect to customer’s CIP technique
  • The requirements of the vacuum homogenizing products comply with cGMP rules
  • Thrust buttons manage panel for easy operation
  • Power source of 380V, 50Hz, 3 Stage


Apps of manufacturing vacuum homogenizing mixer

  • Cosmetics & Toiletries: cream, lotion, wax, mascara, gel, toothpaste
  • Pharmaceuticals: ointment, dental composite, syrup, injection
  • Meals: mayonnaise, dressing, jam, butter, margarine, wasabi
  • Substances: polyester, synthetic fiber, shoe cream

Possibilities of lab vacuum homogenizer mixer for ma ept toothpaste

  • Mounted protect with bolts or welding to save funds
  • Distinct gradual mixing element patterns accessible
  • Frame sort gradual agitator for oil pre-mixer
  • Additional openings on the vertical type inline homogenizer for introducing scorching and chilly elements and powders
  • Delta, Schneider or Siemens PLC for automation of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, transferring, heating and cooling and so forth
  • Mettler-Toledo load cells
  • Movement meter automation for feeding liquid oil and h2o
  • Force vessel design and style for different steam strain
  • SIP is available on ask for
  • Distinct energy source suitable


The use of authentic tools manufacturer’s (OEM) component figures or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference functions only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our company and the listed substitution components contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or manufactured by the OEM.

Cream near me shop made in China  replacement parts  in Quebec City Canada Homogenizer Mixer Petroleum Jelly Mixing Tank Cosmetic Mixing Machine Lotion Vacuum Mixer with top quality

Cream near me shop made in China  replacement parts  in Quebec City Canada Homogenizer Mixer Petroleum Jelly Mixing Tank Cosmetic Mixing Machine Lotion Vacuum Mixer with top quality