Dual wholesaler Axis Svh3 Slewing Drive with 24VDC Motor for Antenna Dish with ce certificate top quality low price

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Dual Axis SVH3 slewing drive for solar CZPT generation



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Coresun CZPT


Dual Axis

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Coresun Slewing CZPT movement can reduce CZPT consumption, since the security role. In addition to the field of use in the daily solar CZPT systems are usually used for Special vehicle, heavy-duty flat-panel truck, container cranes, truck mounted crane, automobile crane and aerial vehicles, cranes, gantry cranes, small wind CZPT stations, space communications, satellite receiver, etc…The Slewing CZPT in the solar photovoltaic industry, the general configuration DC planetary reduction motor or AC geared motors; Main configuration of the hydraulic motor as a CZPT -driven construction machinery

Slewing drive are widely used in PV,CPV,STP solar tracking systems and construction applications including truck cranes, manlifts, turntables, port machinery, modular vehicles, small wind CZPT systems and satellite communications.

Coresun Slewing CZPT principle of the large transmission ratio of the deceleration device to transmit motion and CZPT between the two axes staggered in space. The Slewing CZPT transmission is usually the case of the main components of the worm and wheel bearings, shell, and the CZPT source
As the core component of turntable bearings, can withstand the axial load, radial load and overturning moment.

Slewing drive is usually composed of a slewing ring, worm, casting housing, and standard components like bearing and bolts, etc. While used in photovoltaic CZPT generation system, the slewing drive is usually used in combination with DC planetary speed reducer motor and AC speed reducer motor. While used in CZPT equipment, it is regularly used in combination with hydraulic motor to function as CZPT driving system.

When a slewing drive is used in solar energy industry, users have to choose an ideal one according to the actual area of solar panels. Broadly speaking, 3 inch slewing drive is suitable for solar power system coming with 3- 5 m2 solar panel, 7 inch for 10-17 m2 solar panel, 9 inch for 18-30 m2, 12 inch for 31-45 m2, and 14 inch for 46-60 m2. These are provided for your reference. For more specific and detailed information, please contact me directly.

3″ SVH3 Slewing CZPT Production Photo

Coresun CZPT processes the Slewing CZPT CZPT metallographic testing to ensure the quality of raw material and follows the standard inspection specification.


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