Electric best Drive with Ysd1350 Rock Mtbm with Nodular Cast Iron with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description





Product Description

Pipe Jacking CZPT 2000mm designed for large pipe jacking CZPT , generally used in the construction of cement pipe crossings, building houses translation, sewers, roads and rivers as a sheathing of other projects across a variety of channels.

Pipe jacking construction is in the work in the pit ,by means of jacking CZPT which produce jacking force, and overcome the friction between the pipes and the surrounding soil.
Jacking the pipes Into the soil at the design slope.and Removed soils .
After a section of pipe finish jacking into the soil , then the CZPT section of the pipes continue to jack into the soil , The principle is by means of the thrust of the main cylinder    pipeline, intermediate jacking station,and other thrust pushing the tool pipe or heading machine (through the soil )from working well to the receiving well and CZPT up. Then , embed the pipes between the two wells.


Main Features:
Whole Section rock earth pressure display system.
The separated single grouting system for cutter panel and spindle center.
The rear of jacking pipe machine equipped with jacking device and prevent deviation device.
Disk cutter adopts CZPT CZPT brand.
Planetary gearbox adopts Italian BREVINI.
Adopt touch screen, PLC CZPT and other CZPT d control system.
The data displayed on the touch screen can be connected to users  office monitor through RS232 interface.

The advantage of this technique is no excavation on the ground,Do not demolition,Does not destroy the ground buildings;Don’t damage the environment,Does not affect pipeline segment deformation,Time-saving, efficient, safe, low overall cost.
The technology are widely used in urban underground water supply and drainage pipeline,Natural gas pipeline,Communication cable and other CZPT excavation laying.It can through the highway, railway, bridge, mountains, rivers, channel and any building on the ground.The use of the technology construction, can save a large amount of land acquisition and demolition costs,also can reduce environmental pollution and road congestion,It has significant economic and social benefits.

Working frequency
1.Using in CZPT condition
2.Widely used in CZPT Asian countries, ZheJiang , and Japan.
3.Inside cement pipe dia from 1000-3200 mm
4.Professional manufacturer who can produce CZPT  pipe jacking machine in CZPT .
Packaging & Shipping
Nude Packing
Delivery Detail:
60 days after 30% deposit receiving
Our Services
 We will send professional technician to your project site to operate the pipe jacking machine and train operators for the project,  
1.On site service support;
2. 12month warranty;
3.Life time service support,
5. 7 days*24hours Hot-line & Email Service. 
6.Your inquiry related to CZPT pipe jacking machine will be replied within 24 hours.Well-trained and experienced staff will answer all your questions in fluent English.
If quality & assembling problem caused troubles, we take responsible on spare parts and all service fees.
If misuse or human factors caused the trouble, users shall take responsible on spare parts and all service fees.
Company Information
ZheJiang Xuanxuan CZPT CZPT ry Co.Ltd is affiliated with CZPT qiang CZPT .It’s located in HangZhou city,ZheJiang Province,is located in the center of the CZPT tze River Delta,the north part close to CZPT tze River, the south part close to CZPT Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis., and CZPT part is close to the CZPT CZPT Sea.Is the birthplace of modern Chinese industrial, modern equipment manufacturing city. It Has a superior geographical advantage and convenient land and sea and airtransportation conditions.
WeiQiang group was founded in 1989,More than 30 years of history, now,It Consists of several companies,such as  Weiqiang CZPT , CZPT qiang machinery,  XuanXuan heavy CZPT ry , it was assessed as “private technology enterprises in HangZhou City”,”High-tech enterprises in ZheJiang Province ” Private science and technology enterprises in ZheJiang province “.
ZheJiang Xuan Xuan CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd. professional design and manufacture trenchless CZPT equipment,integrate Product development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service .Products include multi-series pipe jacking machine, shield machine, pipe jacking equipment and spare parts spare parts.
Products include multi-series pipe jacking machine, shield machine, spare parts of pipe jacking machine, shield machine,Hydraulic oil cylinder, hydraulic system, lubricating system, pneumatic system, PLC control system and CZPT -standard equipment.The company attaches great importance to the development of new technology and new products.In recent years, In recent years, vigorously invested in the CZPT -excavation pipe jacking equipment, hydraulic systems, and had done a lot of fruitful work.It has successfully developed a slurry balance, earth pressure balance and series of multi-type excavation products,It has been  successful application in domestic market,  
The company attaches great importance to product quality management, and establish a standardized and systematic quality management platform, strict requirements, excellence, CZPT goal is to provide CZPT ers with high-quality CZPT equipment.  Company will provide high-quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service,Companies to provide high-quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, At any time, provide product consulting,   use  guidance, etc.
Adhering to the service purposes of “active”, professional specialization, efficiency first ” we aim to provide quality products and excellent service to CZPT CZPT ers. To achieve the expectations of CZPT ers and exceed goals of Industry standard. 
Xuan Xuan heavy industry based on CZPT -term development strategy, follow the “conservation, security, service,” the 3S product concept, and vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, continuing to provide CZPT ers with quality products and services. 
In order for you to get a better price and technical solutions. Please provide the following required parameters:
1. Project total length, distance for one section, how many sections will be built? 
2 Pipe type: concrete or steel etc, single length of the pipe? outer and inner diameter ? 
 3 Projects information: for water supply, sewage project? 
 4 Underground water level; 
 5 Soil type? soil report is needed.