F40 best F55 F80 F100 F130 F180 F220 Gruppo Carraro Bonfiglioli Travel Drive Final Frive Planetary Gearbox with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

F40 F55 F80 F100 F130 F180 F220 F260 F280 F340 F360 F420 F440 F560 601 603 605 607 609 610 611 613 615, and 700 701 703 705 706 707 709 710 711 713 715 716 717 travel drive final drive Planetary GRUPPO CARRARO O&K Antriebstechnik CZPT  Drives and gearbox for CZPT Equipment applications When it comes to CZPT d modular CZPT train components, O&K Antriebstechnik is acknowledged to be foremost. Decades of experience in CZPT sophisticated drives & gearboxes have benefited a wide range of CZPT ers.
Today O&KA is one of the world´s leading producers of planetary drives.
As a competence centre within the Carraro CZPT , the company develops final drives, slew drives, cutter drives for mobile applications as well as drives for wind generators, walkways and escalators.
Ever shrinking dimensions enable the units to be installed wherever space is of the essence. The vast array of standard reductions and add-on hydraulic motors allows O&K Antriebstechnik to provide individual product configurations, while remarkable flexibility allows CZPT er wishes to be met in a very short time.
This is the result of an oustanding & deep knowlegde in terms of Research & CZPT . O&KA means quality & technology from Germany.
Details regarding the choice of hydraulic fluid:     
The correct choice of hydraulic fluid requires knowledge of the operating temperature in relation to the ambient temperature: in a closed circuit the circuit temperature. The hydraulic fluid should be chosen so that the operating viscosity in the operating temperature range is within the optimum range – the shaded area of the selection diagram. We recommended that the higher viscosity class be selected in each case. Example: At an ambient temperature of X °C an operating temperature of 58 °C is set. In the optimum operating viscosity range (shaded area) this corresponds to the viscosity classes VG46 or VG66; to be selected: VG66. Please note: The case drain temperature, which is affected by pressure and speed, is always higher than the circuit temperature. At no point in the system may the temperature be higher than 110 °C. If the above conditions cannot be maintained due to extreme operating parameters, please consult us.