Goog Cost Quality Supplier Dual-Worm Enclosed-Gearing Slewing Drive Solution Wh17-2 Series with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Coresun CZPT Slewing CZPT Slewing CZPT CZPT r for Dual Worm CZPT With CZPT ulic CZPT .



Place of Origin



Coresun Drive


Dual Worm



Output Torque


Tilting Moment Torque


Holding Torque

72.3K N.m

Static Axial Rating


Static Radial Rating


Dynamic Axial Rating


Dynamic Radial Rating


Gear Ratio




Enclosed slewing drives are the most popular model of Titanhorse’ slewing drives and can help CZPT movement in machinery such as wind turbines, military equipment, digger derricks, solar trackers, medical equipment, forestry, waste management and industrial positioners.  The housing fully encapsulates all the drive components such as the double enveloping CZPT set, planetary gearing, and turntable bearing, such that they have total protection from the elements.  The  Enclosed CZPT is also advantageous if you’re mounting inside so as not to see the parts in motion, or to avoid injuring workers working in close proximity.

It is advised to mount the slewing drives upside down on the azimuth axis in solar applications for better protection and add protection for the elevation axis.

For other applications, the mounting directions shall be based on the evaluation of the protection level and it shall be better for better protection

Coresun CZPT ‘s enveloping worm rotation drive is entirely derived from its own technology, the processing technology is unique, and the processing process is fully digitalized. Therefore, the product quality is extremely controllable, the manufacturing accuracy is far higher than that of similar products, and the performance of the finished product Far higher than other similar products. In addition to the final product, the envelope worm and matching CZPT can be flexibly optimized and configured according to user needs. According to different usage requirements and environments, the Khan CZPT Envelope Worm can be made of a variety of materials and can be subjected to CZPT specific heat treatments to make the product more durable in terms of user needs. For field environments such as solar and wind energy applications that require CZPT -term maintenance-free operation, this type of rotary drive product is the best choice.

slewing drive is usually composed of a slewing ring, worm, casting housing, and standard components like bearing and bolts, etc. While used in photovoltaic CZPT generation system, the slewing drive is usually used in combination with DC planetary speed reducer motor and AC speed reducer motor. While used in CZPT equipment, it is regularly used in combination with hydraulic motor to function as CZPT driving system.

Our Advantage:
1. Double skeleton oil seal structure, sealing performance reaches IP65, which can meet CZPT -term outdoor use.
2. The surface of the slewing bearing adopts high-quality galvanized or QPQ treatment process, which has good corrosion resistance
3.  Worm gear meshing, high precision, large tooth contact area, high transmission torque, suitable for low speed and high torque applications
4.  CZPT ized solutions to meet different application conditions.

Production Photo and Application

Coresun CZPT makes the holding torque testing to ensure the quality and safety factor on CZPT slewing drive and bearing.Quality is CZPT foundation for the CZPT -term development.

For Coresun CZPT slewing drive,we make 100% finished product inspection on CZPT slewing bearing.


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