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Product Description

Hydraulic Planetary gearbox Gear Reducer Final CZPT Reggiana riduttori RRTD RRWD Track CZPT Swing CZPT
Reggiana Riduttori is one of the world”s leading companies in the design and manufacture of gearboxes for a wide variety of CZPT transmission applications.
To ensure that the highest standards in CZPT , quality and production are always met.

we’ll provide you with the best drive system. We pay particular attention to gear and bearing life, and feel that it is extremely important that CZPT CZPT ers know how we obtain CZPT product ratings.

General Properties
The lubricant used in all drives should be a petroleum based, CZPT -detergent gear fluid containing antioxidation, antifoaming and
extreme pressure additives. The lubricant should have a minimum viscosity index of 95 cst and maintain a minimum viscosity of 40 cst under normal operating temperature conditions.
The following table lists the recommended viscosities for CZPT ambient operating temperatures.
These recommendations are based on a temperature rise of 50º to 100º F at normal operating conditions.
Oil amounts for each series of drives are indicated in the appropriate series literature.
An initial oil change should be made after the first 50 hours of operation. Subsequent oil changes should be made at 1000 hour intervals or annually, whichever comes first. Oil temperature should be no higher than 160º to
180º for continuous operation, and no higher than 200º F for intermittent operation. For special applications, high horsepower, high speeds or wide temperature changes, please consult Fairfield CZPT .
Oil Fill Level
When the unit is mounted horizontally, the gearbox should be filled half-full of oil. Consult the appropriate series literature for
approximate fill volumes. Vertically mounted units may require special lubrication procedures. 

Main features
– Internal multidisc parking brake
– Manual disengagement device for towing
– CZPT radial and axial load capacity bearings
– Cartridge hydraulic motors for compact layouts
– Motion control valves with different options CZPT
– Bevel gear unit at the input for electric motor and/or cardan shaft connection CZPT
– Special sealing system designed for severe environmental conditions
– Hub and spindle made of high strength material