2 manufacturer Phase 12V-36V 0.4-2.8A Stepper Motor Drive for NEMA 17 Motor (420MA) with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Stepper motor driver specifications:

1. CZPT performance, low price
2 voltage 12V-36VDC.
3 for neam08 to NEMA 17 motor
4 less than 2.0A current
5 70g weight

Dq420mA is a type of two-phase hybrid stepping motor driver, the drive voltage of which is from 12VDC to 36VDC. It is designed for use with 2-phase hybrid stepper motor of all kinds with 20mm to 42mm outside diameter and less than 2.0A phase current. This circuit that it adopts is similar to the circuit of servo control which enables the motor to run smoothly almost without noise and vibration.
Holding torque when dm420A rund at high speed is also significantly higher than the other two-phase drivers, what’s more, the positioning accuracy is also higher. It is widely used in middle and big size numerical control devices such as curving machine, CNC machine, and computer embroider machine, packing machines and so on.

L high performance, low price
L average current control, 2-phase sinusoidal output current drive
L supply voltage from 12VDC to 36VDC
L opto-isolated signal I/o
L overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrect, phase short circuit protection
L 8 channels subdivision and automatic idle-current reduction
L 8 channels output phase current setting
L offline command input terminal
L motor torque is related to speed, but not related to step/revolution
L high start speed
L high holding torque at high speed

Input voltage 12-36VDC
Input current < 2A
Output current 0.44A- 2.83A
Consumption Consumption:40W; 
Temperature Working Temperature -10~45°C; Stocking temperature -40°C~70°C
Humidity Not condensation, no water droplets
gas Prohibition of combustible gases and conductive dust
weight 70G

      Function choice ( Using DIP pins to achieve this function)   1) Micro step resolution is set by SW 5,6,7,8 of the DIP switch as shown in the following table:  

Pulse/rev 200 400 800 1600 3200 6400 12800 25600
Micro 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128

  2) Standstill current setting SW4 is used for this purpose. OFF meaning that the standstill current is set to be half of the selected dynamic current and ON meaning that standstill is set to be the same as the selected dynamic current.   3) Output current setting: The first three bits (SW 1, 2, 3)of the DIP switch are used to set the dynamic current. Select a setting   Closest to your motor’s required current 

ON ON ON 0.44 A 0.31 A
OFF ON ON 0.62 A 0.44 A
ON OFF ON 0.74 A 0.52 A
OFF OFF ON 0.86 A 0.61 A
ON ON OFF 1.46 A 1.03 A
OFF ON OFF 1.69 A 1.20 A
ON OFF OFF 2.14 A 1.51 A
OFF OFF OFF 2.83 A 2.00 A

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5. FAQ(Q=Question, A=Answer)

Q: What’s your main products?
A:We currently produce Brushed Dc CZPT s, Brushed Dc gear CZPT s, Planetary Dc Gear CZPT s, Brushless Dc CZPT s, Stepper motors and Ac CZPT s etc. You can check the specifications for above motors on CZPT website and you can email us to recommend needed motors per your specification too.

Q:How to select a suitable motor?
A:If you have motor pictures or drawings to show us, or you have detailed specs like voltage, speed, torque, motor size, working mode of the motor, needed life time and noise level etc, please do not hesitate to let us know, then we can recommend suitable motor per your request accordingly.

Q: Do you have CZPT ized service for your standard motors?
A:Yes, we can CZPT ize per your request for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft size/shape. If you need additional wires/cables soldered on the terminal or need to add connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it too.

Q:Do you have individual design service for motors?
A:Yes, we would like to design motors individually for CZPT CZPT ers, but it may need some mould charge and design charge. 

Q:Can I have samples for testing first?
A:Yes, definitely you can. After confirmed the needed motor specs, we will quote and provide a proforma invoice for samples, once we get the payment, we will get a PASS from CZPT account department to proceed samples accordingly.

Q:How do you make sure motor quality?
A:We have CZPT own inspection procedures: for incoming materials, we have signed sample and drawing to make sure qualified incoming materials; for production process, we have tour inspection in the process and final inspection to make sure qualified products before shipping.

Q:What’s your lead time?
A:Generally speaking, CZPT regular standard product will need 25-30days, a bit CZPT er for CZPT ized products. But we are very flexible on the lead time, it will depends on the specific orders

Q:What’s your payment term?
A:For all CZPT new CZPT ers, we will need 40% deposite, 60% paid before shipment.

Q:When will you reply after got my inquiries?
A:We will response within 24 hours once get your inquires.

Q:How can I trust you to make sure my money is safe?
A:We are certified by the third party SGS and we have exported to over 85 countries up to June.2017. You can check CZPT reputation with CZPT current CZPT ers in your country (if CZPT CZPT ers do not mind), or you can order via alibaba to get trade assurance from alibaba to make sure your money is safe.

Q:What’s the minimum order quantity?
A:Our minimum order quantity depends on different motor models, please email us to check. Also, we usually do not accept personal use motor orders. 

Q:What’s your shipping method for motors?
A:For samples and packages less than 100kg, we usually suggest express shipping; For heavy packages, we usually suggest air shipping or sea shipping. But it all depends on CZPT CZPT ers’ needs.

Q:What certifications do you have?
A:We currently have CE and ROSH certifications.

Q:Can you send me your price list?
A:Since we have hundreds of different products, and price varies per different specifications, we are not able to offer a price list. But we can quote within 24 hours once got your inquirues to make sure you can get the price in time.

Q:Can I visit your company?
A:Yes, welcome to visit CZPT company, but please let us know at least two weeks in CZPT to help us make sure no other meetings during the day you visit us. Thanks!

Weclome contact with us if have any questions about this motor or other products!