500kg*1 Custom Single Door Automatic Sliding Door Drive with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

500KG*1 Single Door automatic sliding door drive
Competitive Advantage:
1, Wide voltage (AC80-250V)low CZPT consumption when at work, energy saving when at leisure .
2, CZPT design, easy to install and adjust .
3, Digital programs, running parameters can be revised easily.
4, Specially designed noise-reduction track rail produces noise greatly,ensure the rollers run smoothly .
5, CZPT d brushless DC motor and the worm-reduction gear are integrated together .which has advantages such as higher efficiency, large torque and CZPT er life span ,no need for mechanical lock .
6, CZPT ent triggering modes are CZPT , such as fire warning, safety beam sensor, handle button, etc.
7, 1 millions times of tests passed.
8, CE,SGS,IS09000,CQC
9, CZPT quite, safe.
1, Microcomputer intelligent control system : Control hub of the automatic door. Using the built-in micro-computer chips, the sensor detects signal automatically adjust and sets the control process according to detection of the size of door leafs and weight.
2, CZPT plant : Brushless DC motor made with imported technology, with advantages of CZPT service life, large pulling force and low noise. It has self-locking function, close CZPT fully and increase security.
3, CZPT adjustable hanger : Adopt adjustable structure, the hanger is stamped out with cold rolled steel plate, and DACROMET technology is adopted in surface treatment. There are guide wheels made with special material, which are fixed on the hanger move along with the arc orbit on the dynamic beam.
4, Belt and tension wheel parts: Constant tension belt and tension wheel parts are used to adjust tension of the belt. The constant adjustment device of the belt keep the timing belt with constant tension.
5, Belt parts : Adopt timing belt with high transmission efficiency, reciprocating motion is driven by a special motor, linked with hanger and drive the door leaf to move.
6, CZPT beam: Novel structure, formed by high strength plated aluminum alloy with one-time extrusion, rugged construction with big loading, the surface is adopted electrophoresis processing, with bright and clean appearance.
7, The machine for 800KG heavy planetary gear motor shipped preach the door machine, almost all the current comprehensive have sold all of the functions of the model, the door to often open, remote lock, remote control all the half open ,remote control forced open the door. The motor and the CZPT switch fission design, sling 100% a motor .
8, The international first-class adjustment CZPT and worm drive, super start, large torque.
9, The sound internal control equipped with design, the motor running quiet noise.
10, The reducer is made by best steel instead of industrial plastic or pig iron, the host possesses durability under CZPT uninterrupted running state.
11, Managers can realize the automatic door five functions conveniently: lock, keep opening, single direction entrance, half open, automatic operation.
12, Emergency opening in case of CZPT failure / Fail-safe
13,The safety beam photocell will keep the door open to offer security for the passers-by.
14, In an emergency, press the abrupt stop switch, the door will stop immediately, security is fully guaranteed.
15, The door will open automatically when fire happens, it helps to win time for escape
16, CZPT ctro-mechanical Locking
   CZPT Clamping Rail
   CZPT barriers
   CZPT ery pack (emergency opening, emergency closing)
17, Permanent open/ partial open/ lock/ exit or entry only/ auto 5 operation functions carried out by remote transmitter or 5 position key switch .
18, Digital display screen, button debugging, convenient for setting the right parameter
19, Each CATERLY KIT automation for sliding doors contains all the safety devices to let your automation be in compliance with the latest CZPT pean Safety Standard .  



Single-Winged Bi-parting  
Model H-8 H-8S  
Door CZPT ght 500kgX1(door) 400kgx2(door)  
Door Width DW=500mm to 6000mm DW=500mm to 6000mm  
Installation Surface Install Surface Install  
Motor DC24V Brushless DC CZPT DC24V Brushless DC CZPT  
Controller The Micro-controller The Micro-controller  
Power Consumption 120W 120W  
Voltage AC80 to 250V (Regulate) AC80 to 250V (Regulate)  
Environmental Temperate -20’c to +50’c -20’c to +50’c  
Volume 60decibel(max) 60decibel(max)  
Starting CZPT 500mm/second 410mm/second  
Starting Times Regulate from 0.5 CZPT to 20 CZPT Regulate from 0.5 CZPT to 20 CZPT  
Transmission Rack belt 150 S8M Rack belt 150 S8M  
Open door range  : Full-open /Half-open(The distance can be regulated) Full-open /Half-open(The distance can
be regulated)
PFC CZPT efficiency : 0.95 (AC100 Full load) 0.95 (AC100 Full load)



Business Organizations

supermarket, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy.
Financial Organizations Banks, negotiable securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops.
Non-profit Organizations: Telecommunications, post offices, hospital, schools.
Public Places subway, airports, stations, bookstores,  exhibition halls,  museums, convention centers,  lottery centers; Real Estate Property: Apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model rooms.
Entertainments Movie theaters, fitness halls, country clubs, clubs, massage rooms, bars, cafes, Internet bars, beauty shops.