Cam Cheap Indexing Drives Dividing Head Ds Df Dfs Dt Da Dsu Dfn PU Lifting Sway Paradex Model for Punch Press Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Rotary InHangZhou Tables Dividing Head  DS DF CZPT DT DA DSU DFN PU CZPT ing Sway Paradex Model For CZPT matic Punching CZPT                             

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Equipment CZPT nology Co,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrated with production, R & D and sales for more than 10 years in CZPT . We supply high precision hollow rotary actuator, harmonic drive gearboxes, high precision planetary gearboxes, 90 degree gearboxes ( for servo motors and stepper motors), right angle hollow reducer, high precision alignment platform, etc.


Besides of providing of the wide range of standard speed reducers, CZPT ized service is also CZPT for motion control solutions and mechanical transmission solutions for CZPT ers all over the world for lithium battery industry, robot industry, mobile phone industry, printing industry, laser industry, medical industry, etc. The product served for the equipment of logo printing, CNC machine tools, packaging and printing program, welding and cutting, laser cutting machines, woodworking engraving machines, full servo paper tissue machineries, precision concave-convex printing machines, precision coating machines, servo pipe benders, digital control spring machine, and other equipment with high degree of automation.


ZheJiang  Saini CZPT Equipment owns the brand G+, named GIGAGER.  


Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing CZPT ers with high quality and high performance products, and constantly introducing high-end well known brands at home and abroad to meet the demand of automation industry in CZPT . Through continuous efforts and development, SaiNi sales network has been set up all over CZPT , now, we are making efforts on developing overseas sales network around the globe. You are welcomed to join us to be a distributor in your local market. We can offer you full support from pricing, catalogue and technical support, etc. If we cooperate in depth, we are willing to bear part of the cost if you promote CZPT speed reducers in the local market, such as attending the exhibition.


G+ Cam Indexer
Being one of the earliest professional Cam Indexer manufacturer in CZPT mainland, G+ has been the leading brand of Cam InHangZhou CZPT in CZPT for more than ten years. G+ cam indexers are manufactured and assembled in G+ HangZhou Factory, utilizing the most precise and state-of-art technologies. Each G+ globoidal cam indexer promises quality, repeatability and accuracy. Cam indexers are suitable for a wide range of applications including electronic components assembly machines, food packaging machines and quality inspection machines. The G+ range of cam indexers are CZPT ed by well-known system integrators and reputable factories from CZPT , Foxconn, Han’s CZPT , Johnson CZPT ctric and etc in CZPT .
1. What is the Cam Indexer?
Cam Indexer, also known as cam splitter, cam inHangZhou drive, cam inHangZhou positioner, or globoidal cam indexer, is a mechanism for intermittent motion, which is featured with large transmission torque, high inHangZhou accuracy, stable operation, compact structure, self-locking during positioning, small size, low noise, high speed performance and CZPT life.
2. What is the Product Features of G+ Cam InHangZhou CZPT ?
G+ cam inHangZhou positioners use rolling contact for smooth inHangZhou and CZPT er life. It is an ideal product to replace traditional mechanisms such as groove wheel mechanism, ratchet mechanism, incomplete gear mechanism and pneumatic control mechanism. G+ preload provides rigidity and allows for zero-backlash, providing high accuracy and extremely CZPT settling time. Robust cam and turret design, with the industry’s largest diameter matched-set needle roller

cam followers, allow for higher load capacity. These features make G+ cam indexer positioners the choice of engineers nationwide.
• CZPT Driving Mechanism
At the moment of inHangZhou or stop, the follower is secured in place within the prescribed position, thereby eliminating the need for any locking elements.
• CZPT CZPT Performance Backlash is completely eliminated by applying a preload to the tapered-rib of the precision
machined cam and the cam follower, resulting in reliable high speed operation. Fully
controlled acceleration minimizes shock due to load or vibration.
• Smooth Transmission
As the turret is designed to rotate continuously in any position (regardless of angle, speed
and/or acceleration) the driving transmission is smooth and free of vibration and noise. • Simple Mechanism
Composed of only a cam and turret; no unnecessary parts, while providing any intermittent motion needed.
• CZPT InHangZhou Accuracy G+’s specially designed cam follower within the index drive ensures heavy load
capability while maintaining high inHangZhou accuracy and high torque. The inHangZhou accuracy
of the standard models is ±30 CZPT s. However, models providing higher inHangZhou accuracy
are CZPT CZPT . • Motion Curves
Modified trapezoid curve (for high speed and low loading), modified sine curve (for
middle/high speed and middle loading), modified constant velocity curve (for low speed and
heavy load) are CZPT corresponding to required applications.
3. Mechanism and Structure of G+ Cam Indexer
G+ Cam Index CZPT s are designed that the globoidal cam installed in the input shaft mates with the turret fixed to the output shaft as shown in above picture. The cam follower which is radially embedded in the circumferential surface of the turret comes into linear contact with the tapered rib of the cam to their respective wall surfaces. When the input shaft rotates, the cam follower rotates the output turret following a given displacement curve while simultaneously rolling along the wall surface of the rib. In the area where the rib is parallel with the end surface of the cam, that is, in the static range, the follower turns on its axis, but the turret itself does not rotate.
The tapered rib always comes into contact with two or three cam followers so that the revolution of the input shaft can be evenly transmitted to the output shaft. If there is backlash between the cam surface of the tapered rib and cam follower may damage the cam indexer.
This backlash can be completely removed by rotating the eccentric flange supporting the input shaft and shortening the distance between the input shaft and the output shaft. The rigidity of the inHangZhou drive can be enhanced by adjusting the preload appropriately within the elastic region of the cam follower and cam. Its structure and function are the most outstanding features of this combination of globoidal cam and cam follower, making it capable of high speed operation.
4. How Many Model Are Available?
G+ Cam Index CZPT s are classified into the following three types with the configurations of the output portions: Shaft Model, Flange Model, Flange Shaft Model, Table Model, CZPT thin Table Model, Sway Model, Paradex Model, CZPT ing Mechanism CZPT Model, Analog Five-axis CZPT Unit, Triple Shaft Cam Indexer.
We also support special dimension CZPT service and special cam production.