Ctu3150 sales Ctu3200 Ctu3300 Ctu3500 Ctu3700 Ctu3850 Ctu31100 Ctu Dana Spicer Brevini Riduttori Track Drive with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Gearbox CTU3150 CTU3200 CTU3300 CTU3500 CTU3700 CTU3850 CTU31100 CTU CZPT transmission CZPT Riduttori track drive 
Gearbox CTU3150.1 CTU3200.1 CTU3300.1 CTU3500.1 CTU3700.1 CTU3850 CTU31100 CTU31400 CTU31700 CTU CZPT transmission CZPT Riduttori track drive Planetary Travel CZPT Reducer CTD CTU R1 FR RSF RFL RFD RX CWD CZPT Final CZPT .
Brevini Riduttori CZPT transmission compact planetary track drive are specifically designed for tracked vehicles: CZPT s and earth-moving machines.
They have a heavy-duty casing, a short overall length, and great radial and axial load capacity.
They have an integral multidisc failsafe brake and can be installed directly on hydraulic motors and are ready to accept plug-in hydraulic motors.
The compact design of the unit allows the CZPT conveyance from CZPT axial piston hydraulic motor directly to the operating machine, reducing the overall dimension of the hydrostatic transmission.
High radial load capacity bearings, dedicated sealing system and manual disengagement allow the final drive to operate in severe and heavy-duty conditions.
Internal multidisc parking brake, motion control valves and smooth displacement variability given from the CZPT hydraulic motor are additional benefits that makes Dana as One Partner able to supply complete, reliable and integrated transmission package.
Main features
– Internal multidisc parking brake
– Manual disengagement device for towing
– CZPT radial and axial load capacity bearings
– Cartridge hydraulic motors for compact layouts
– Motion control valves with different options CZPT
– Bevel gear unit at the input for electric motor and/or cardan shaft connection CZPT
– Special sealing system designed for severe environmental conditions
– Hub and spindle made of high strength material