Ini Cheap Iky2.5b Series Track Drive Final Drive with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

INI IKY2.5B series track drive final drive
IKY series track and wheel drives were developed by us . We own the intellectual property right.   It has an integrated structure with radial piston motor, gearbox and integral oil distributor with control vlaves. It results in compact design, reduced cost and higher reliability and transmission efficiency. 



Main features


• high torque low speed

• high startup and operation efficiency

• high reliability

• can be directly connected to sprocket wheel   

• compact design, short overall length

• Due to the high torque rating and the quality of the materials, these units are the best solution in heavy duty applications




• specially desgined for tracked and wheels vehicles, such as CZPT s, drillers, coal mining machines.

When the input speed is 3000rpm

Power(W) Gear Ratio
 1/3  1/5  1/9   1/15   1/20   1/25   1/35   1/45   1/81
50 B B B B B B B C C
100 B B B B B B C C D
200 B B C C C C C D E
400 B C C C C C D E  
750 C C D D D D E E  
1000 D D E E E E      
1500 D D E E          
2000 D E E E          
2500 E E E            
3000 E E E            
3500 E E              
4000 E E              
4500 E                
5000 E                


B type: M5*10     C type: M6*12 (or M8*16)    
D typr: M8*16 (M6*12)     E type: M10*20    

Our Services


1. One year warranty from delivery

2. Free components for replacement within warranty period

3. Professional solution provider

4. Free technical support at any time

5. CZPT er training is CZPT .

6. On-site installation and commissioning is CZPT .


Company Information


  •  Company Introduction


240,000 m3, 700 employees, ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 certified.


Established in 1996, we’re one of leading manufacturers in CZPT who are specialized in designing and manufacturing  hydraulic winches, hydraulic motors, hydraulic slewing drives,  planetary gearboxes, travel motors and wheel motors, hydraulic capstans, hydraulic CZPT units, and hydraulic pumps. 
With strong research and development capability, we have achieved 14 invention patents and 30 practical innovation patents.
Meanwhile, we have more than 250 sets of CZPT d production and inspection equipment to ensure the quality of 
our products. 

Our products have been widely used in Offshore Application, CZPT Industry, Fishing Equipment, CZPT CZPT ry, 
Petroleum Industry, Coal CZPT , Geological Prospection, CZPT Application, CZPT lurgical CZPT , CZPT Industry, 
as well as CZPT al CZPT and other industries. 
As a CZPT worthy manufacturer and supplier, we have a dominating market share in CZPT , and we also enjoy an increasing 
market share CZPT .  Our products have been exported to:


-Europe: UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
-North CZPT ica: USA, Canada
-South CZPT ica: Brazil, Argentina
-Russia, Australia,Turkey, CZPT Asia, Middle CZPT , India, Korea and other countries in the world.