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Coresun CZPT Slewing CZPT For aerial working platform,truck mounted crane and man lift crane.



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Slew drive is derived on the rotary bearing products with a high level of integration and big reduction ratio, and simple structure, convenient use and maintenance of special rotary reduction products, as a result of slewing bearing as the follower and frame foundation, using the rotary bearing inner and outer circle respectively drive CZPT input and output, making 360 degrees rotation drive not only can realize the whole slew of weeks without dead point, and at the same time on the basis of slewing bearing frame installation drive CZPT supply, so its high transmission efficiency, is a new member of the family of mechanical transmission device.Because its essence is a kind of reduction gear, so also can be called rotary speed reducer, wheel speed reducer or drive wheel.

Slewing drive according to different transmission can be divided into two categories, gear transmission and CZPT and worm drive, according to different transmission pair of closed form and can be divided into two categories, the open and closed, form the simplest rotation drive is used on the CZPT s, cranes and other construction machinery products of the drive wheel, as the final step of reduction drive chain, the rotation drive to open gear transmission, the CZPT end also need to configure a big reduction ratio of the planetary gear reducer as its CZPT input, so can only be called the embryonic form of rotation drive, to enlarge the application range of such products, further improve the product use and maintenance convenience,Developed integrated rotation drive CZPT and worm drive, in order to further improve the product’s drive ability, enveloping worm drive has been applied in such products, equipped with enveloping worm rotation drive not only the drive torque increase, drive also further improve the precision, more can digitally control, therefore widely used in solar and wind CZPT generation equipment on the track and fine-tuning device, the other in the robot, radar, lifting, lifting equipment, precision nc rotary table of low speed and heavy loading, and other areas of the product has good application effect.

Coresun CZPT Slewing CZPT Advantage

1. Coresun CZPT Slewing drive designed with hourglass worm shaft which provides more tooth contact and higher torque.

2. CZPT transmission efficiency and accurate tracking

3. Easy installation and maintenance

4. CZPT ized solution

5.Special heat treatment,corrosion resistance

6.WH models is hourglass worm design with much tooth contact structure.All-around anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance.

7.High tilting moment  torque

8.Steady static locking performance 

9.Smooth transmission

10.Higher efficient output efficiency

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Coresun CZPT Slewing CZPT Production Photo

Precision as backlash between worm shaft and slewing gear is very important for ensuing the working life and
efficiency.For all of the slewing drive made by Coresun CZPT ,we make the backlash testing 100%.

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